To ElBee and Bam-Bam

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.

I homeschooled our kids for the past five and a half years. When I say “I”, I mean I did lesson plans, struggled through the tears of my daughter, threw up my hands in dismay, helped both kids learn to read, attended innumerable library story times and laughed and read and read and read some more with and to both kids.


There are very few experiences that have brought me so much joy and pain all wrapped up in a singular word, homeschool.

As we began the process of imagining ourselves moving west to Arizona, we examined homeschooling and how it fit into our lives. Wifely says the day I stated, “I’m their teacher, when do I get to just be a dad?” was the beginning of the end.

As we imagined getting our home ready to sell, we tried to imagine continuing homeschool and just couldn’t get our minds around it. Something had to give. Our local public school has a good reputation in our community and is a short one mile (2 minute drive) away from our house.

So our kids started school there last August. They have thrived and excelled in nearly every way. I can’t say there are no more tears on ElBee’s face (she is her mother’s daughter), but they’re just rockin’ it at public school. I look forward to their experiences and opportunities in a larger community in AZ.

ElBee, Bam-Bam (obviously not their real names)….I am so stinkin’ proud of you and your excellence and adaptability at public school. I’m excited for you and your futures.


Pat on the Back


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