Toot-Toot, Beep-Beep

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

I had a long workday, but decided to read the prompt a couple hours into my shift at my public library job. I wanted to have a little time to ruminate and consider my favorite thing about myself. I also wanted to read about your own horn-tooting.

I found it interesting that as a whole, bloggers/writers/this community is made uncomfortable by talking about our positive characteristics. Perhaps we’re already laying ourselves pretty bare and talking about some raw aspects of ourselves. If we say too many positive things about ourselves, we may come across as arrogant, egotistic or stuck-up. Or, if we present ourselves in too shiny of a light, we’ll catch the attention of the fraud police.

fraud button

Sometimes, in our house, when things are going well, and we’re experiencing success,we expect someone to kick in our door and accuse us of fraud, that there’s no way we could possibly know what the hell it is we’re doing. In reality, the fraud police are just a manifestation of our negative self-talk. It is our right, our obligation and our power to just tell them to get out of our heads, our homes and shut the f*%k up.

My favorite thing about myself is my tendency to go all in. When I find something I’m interested and passionate in, I tend to devote myself fully. 

I have to be careful, as I can become overly focused, to the detriment of relationships, household obligations and other important things. This tendency can also prevent me from seeing the larger picture because I’m so focused upon the details.

Believe me, I’m always working on it.

Toot-toot always makes me think of this song. Do yourself a favor and follow that link and make your day.

Toot Your Horn


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