Badassery and Butterfly Kisses


Write a story that includes: a tombstone, a first kiss and butterfly collection…

-Day 2 of Creative Writing Now‘s 30 Days of Inspiration


“Jenny, don’t you want to come with us to the gunfight at the OK Corral?”

“Do I have to, mom? I’d kind of like to look around at some of these shops.”

“I’m not sure I feel comfortable just letting you wander around on your own. There’s a lot of people here.

“Mommm. Please, I’m fourteen. Plus, you made me take those self-defense classes at the Y. And you made me look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘I’m a badass.’ Remember?”

“Okay, is your phone charged? Will you check in with me in an hour?”

“All charged up from the hotel. Yes, I promise I’ll check in.”

Ugh. So thrilled to have a little time away from my family. Families can be like a wet blanket sometimes, just damp, heavy and…there. Hanging over everything. Add to that my little brother yammering away about video games and talking in that annoying baby voice. Ugh.

Hmmm. A boot shop. Gross, look at that rattlesnake display. I’ve always liked snakes, but why would someone want to make a window display. This tourist trap town is soooo weird and tacky.

Apothecary and Curiosities. That sounds interesting. Candy. Drug bottles. It’s like an old-timey Walgreens. What did they use all these salves and ointments for? Old people are strange. Oh look, more dead things. Oh, poor butterflies. Look how big and beautiful that Arizona Red Spotted Purple is!

“Hi.” Approaches the butterfly case. My age, skinny jeans, cool graffiti sneakers, short hair, I’m so over that shaggy Bieber thing. Cute.

“Hi back atcha.” Did i actually just say “atcha?!” 

“You got away from your family too?”

“Yes, thank god.”

“This seems like the most interesting shop on this boring strip, huh?”

“Are you a butterfly fan?”

“Embarrassingly enough, when I was about 6, I would tell everyone I was going to be a lepidopterist. You know what that is?”

“Wow, that’s precocious. Of course, it’s a butterfly scientist.” I bump my chest. “Homeschool from kindergarten to 3rd grade. Represent.” So cute.

“Have you ever heard of a butterfly kiss?”

Really, dude..? smooth. “Ummm.” He’s leaning towards my cheek?!

He flutters his eyelashes against my cheek.

I lean in, it’s not far now, and plant a kiss, my first, softly on his lips.


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