Time and Tide

Single Word Prompt: Invevitable


I walked down the gravel drive, the brine heavy in the air.

The old man was hustling back and forth between the crusty office building and a boat on a trailer, wrapped in opaque, white plastic shrink-wrap.

How can I help you? A grizzled, deeply lined face. A thick Maine accent. The character I’d been looking for. Most of my impressions of Maine and Mainers were from Stephen King novels. This cruster could have been one of his characters. But I’d be a little worried for him if I was reading a King novel. He seems thoughtful and kindly, but not important to this particular King story. Those characters usually bite it, terrible deaths at the hands of psychopathic killers or unhinged clowns. This wasn’t a King novel.

I’m here to see a man about a boat. A canoe actually. Some friends and I are renting a house down the road and we’d like to have a canoe to take out into the bay.

You willing to help me load it? How long would you like it? A week?

Affirmative to both.

What house are you in? Ah, the Allen place. If you tell locals that address, they won’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Just tell ’em it’s the Allen place. They’ll know what you mean.

Paperwork done. We heft the canoe upon the rooftop rack of his pickup truck and toss lifejackets and oars into the back.

Now, be careful out there on the Harraseeket, those currents can be wily. Be sure everyone’s wearing lifejackets. You have a tide chart? Keep an eye on it.

Time and tides. Ayuh. They wait for no man. Inevitable.

Craig is working on his daily writing practice. He appreciates feedback and ideas. He feels silly about writing his bio in the third person. He really wants his house to sell soon so he can move with his family to Arizona. He currently resides in Northeast Indiana and works as a fitness instructor and at his local public library in both the Children’s Room and at the Reference Desk.


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