It’s cold out there for a Jim

One Word Prompt-Connection


Jim comes into our library every day. I can see him from either desk that I work at. He pretty much gets here when we open at 9 and leaves for lunch and then again sometime in the evening.

A co-worker and I were catching up in our office on a Monday and she said, “I need to give Jim his stamp.”

“Hm. I didn’t know we sold stamps back here in our department,”  I thought and I didn’t think much more about it. She placed what I assumed to be money into the petty cash box.

A few days later, I saw Jim approach our desk along with our department head. She pulled out a smiley face, self-inking stamp. Gently, she stamped the back of his hand and told him that he was good for the day.

Several more days passed before I thought to ask her about the situation. At first, I wanted to know where we kept stamps, but I came to realize that this ritual was about Jim and the thoughtful ladies of my department. After all, he’s never asked for a stamp from me.

When prodded, our department head confessed that the daily stamp routine dated back a couple of years and that he just approached and asked when we had stamps out for our Summer Reading Program.

She suggested that Jim was just a lonely guy in need of a small sliver of human touch. The connection, hand to hand, of a kind woman.

Craig works in the Children’s Room and the Reference/Teen area of a small town public library. He’s working on his daily writing practice.



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